The Best Places to Sit, Stay + Play with Your Pooch

Take a bite out of boredom

Working from home is a challenge, especially when your four-legged office mate is not pulling their weight. Keep your canine busy with these toys and treats, and rest-assured your next Zoom meeting goes off without a hitch.

Back to School Collection

Price: $51.90 (set of 5 toys)

Your pup will be top of class with these fun and whimsical school-themed toys from our friends at P.L.A.Y. Each possesses their own unique features like the glow-in-the dark Doggie Digits Calculator, supersized squeaker in Fido’s Football and the trifecta of squeaks, crinkles and detachable paint brush found in the Puppy’s Palette. Your pup will be the teacher’s pet in no time!

SmartSticks Peanut
Butter Chews

Price: $9.69 (was $11.99; you save 19%)

Here are some smart sticks for your smart dog! These chew treats are made with real chicken, veggies and more healthy ingredients that are surely beneficial for Fido. Unlike other chews, this product from SmartBones is 100% rawhide-free, very digestible and it lasts long for hours… even for dogs that are naturally tough chewers. A total time killer!

Kong Squeezz Ball

Price: $3.49 (was $4.49; you save 22%)

Does your dog love to play with a ball? This ball toy from King is definitely a must-have! Aside from the bounce it gives, this ball is also a hidden squeaker, keeping your dog engaged for hours. You can let Fido roll it anywhere the hours for a while, and play a game of fetch during your break time!

Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl

Price: $10.18 (was $19.99; you save 49%)

Who says pastime is all about playing? Your pooch can enjoy munching on her kibbles and food with this dish bowl from Outward Hound. How does it work? Well, simply pour the food on the bowl, and let Fido get engaged and play with her food through ridges and mazes. It doesn’t only pass the time, but it makes eating more fun and interactive than ever.

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

Price: $15.98

Another interactive toy that can keep your dog entertained for long hours is this puzzle toy from Frisco. Just look at how cute the plushies are! The plush dinosaur toys are soft and squeaky that can spark excitement during play sessions. Before getting to work, you can stuff all the plushies inside the volcano and let your dog pull them out one by one. You can stuff them once again during your break time!

DuraChew Double Bone Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy

Price: $13.99

For tough chewers, this dog toy from Nylabone is the real deal. Just look at its enticing double bone bacon design that’s hard to resist. Plus, take note of the nubs and ridges too! This will help your furry pal to maintain clean teeth, lessen tartar and plaque, and freshen breath. This toy is guaranteed durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to watch over Fido from time to time during working.

Canine Commute Plush Toys

Price: $53.90 (set of 5 toys)

Uh oh, late for play time? Don’t worry, your pup’s Canine Commute Plush Toy Collection will have him there in a jiffy! This travel-tastic set features a Tokyo Bullet Train, New York City Taxi, San Francisco Cable Car, London Bus and Sydney Ferry that have one destination in mind; play time. Whether your city dog enjoys life in the fast lane or prefers the scenic route, this toy set will have him playing in no time.


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Brandie Ahlgren is founder and editor of CityDog Magazine. She, and her team of dog-loving editors, dig up the best places for you to sit, stay and play with your four-legged friends. Brandie, 12-year-old boxer Thya and Mexican foster failure Pancho, reside in West Seattle and can often be found hanging out at Westcrest Dog Park.

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